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We write and publish e-books and design e-book covers. We also assist authors with e-book editing and formatting. We teach classes and speak on Internet business. We also publish several ezines and newsletters
We believe 2003 - 2005 will start a new trend toward an increasing number of 'mature' Internet users. These 'Baby Boomers' are beginning to have more time available when they can sit in front of the computer and look for things that are important to them. This group of affluent adults has a significant amount of expendable dollars ready to spend on what interests them
Cyborg’s CMS is a platform for managing corporate information area (Intranet, Internet and web sites). Our Content Management System is vital for companies looking to active work with their clients through the Internet. It's extremely easy to update and extend both a simple web site and a huge web hub as well. Cyborg’s CMS is not a simple CMS. With our solution a company gets a unified enterprise information area. All corporate informational resources are united for their efficient representation in the Web. A powerful yet not complicated system supports integration with other applications on XML RPC basis, allowing displaying the contents of your web site to cell phones or PDAs.
• Create and edit your web site content as easy as using a word processor • Change content with no alterations to its presentation • Manipulate web site information structure and functionality • Update all articles/ issues and publish them automatically • Organize and efficiently manage workflow • Integrate data from internal and external sources • Deploy your content to Web pages on Intranets, Extranets, and the Internet • Search through all documents and folders and retrieve all information including archives • Assign administration rights • Administer and securely distribute your corporate data • Share information with your colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers • Collaboratively process data within authorized work groups • Sell goods online via catalogue • Conduct polls and view statistics • Minimize maintenance costs.
Our Full Featured SEO Program is designed for static, dynamic, corporate informational or e-commerce websites, which rely heavily on natural search engine traffic. Our methodologies and optimization techniques minimize your PPC dependence